Top Things To Do
In Edgemont Village

Top 5 Reasons
Edgemont Is Loved

— Friendly Atmosphere

— All the Amenities

— Independently Owned Businesses

— Enchanting & Cozy Vibe

— Close to Grouse Mountain, Capilano Suspension Bridge & Salmon Hatchery


Movie Location Hot Spot

For all the cinephiles out there – here is a list of the movies and TV shows filmed near Edgemont Village at the Caretaker’s Lodge in Murdo Fraser Park. Come visit and check it out!

— Travelers – Faction Cabin

— Once Upon a Time – Mr. Gold’s Cabin

— Fringe – Simon Phillip’s Cabin

— Reaper – Tony’s Cabin

— Fairly Legal – Nick Grunyon’s Cabin

— Caprica – Clarice’s Cabin

— The Flash – Henry Allen’s Cabin

— Psych – Ranger’s Cabin

— Supernatural – Lost Creek Ranger Station

— Eureka – Dr. Whiticus’s Cabin

— Stargate SG-1 – Jack’s Fishing Cabin

A scene from ‘The Flash’ showing Henry Allen’s Cabin.

History of Edgemont Village

Residential development in the Capilano Highlands area began in the late 1930′s, following the completion of the Lions Gate Bridge. The residential neighbourhoods surrounding the village were mostly built in the 1940’s through 1960’s and contain many examples of mid-century ‘west coast modernism’ inspired by the Capilano River rainforest and the coastal mountains. Designed by architects like Fred Hollingsworth, Arthur Erickson, Ron Thom and Ned Pratt, these homes responded to the need for functional and affordable family residences in the area.

The first neighbourhoods in the area to be built were Capilano Highlands, Forest Hills, Sunset Gardens, Delbrook Gardens and Edgemont Village. It was a time of optimism for the young families from across the Lower Mainland and other parts of Canada who moved to these suburbs, seeking a milder climate, economic opportunity, and fresh start. Edgemont Village developed over the second half of the 20th century as the commercial and social hub of Upper Capilano.