This Season It Just Takes Two

This Season It Just Takes Two

This season we are seeing a fresh approach on an old style of ring. The bypass ring originated in the Victorian era and was popular around the 1920’s to 1930’s. It is a design where the ring doesn’t meet in the middle, but rather each side overlaps the other, one above and below. Usually it is set with two stones but there are variations on this.


White gold bypass ring repurposing customer’s diamonds from several rings into one. Designed by Sofia Rizo

During the Victorian era symbolism in jewellery was very prevalent. The bypass ring was used as an engagement ring and symbolized two souls coming together.


Modern take on a bypass ring repurposing customer’s diamonds and yellow gold. Designed by Sofia Rizo

Often bypass rings were made using coloured gemstones including the birthstones of the bride and groom. This asymmetrical version is available at Edgemont Village Jeweller.


White gold and yellow gold two tone custom designed and built bypass ring, featuring pear shaped ruby and sapphire with baguette and round brilliant diamonds. Designed by Tamara Moerike.

There are many modern variations on the bypass ring, where the design is individual and fluid. One creative modification design idea is where the sides of the ring don’t overlap or meet, leaving an opening in the centre and the stones sit towards the edges of the finger.


Rose gold ring set with custom cut rhodolite garnets, champagne diamonds set in black rhodium settings available at Edgemont Village Jeweller.

Designed by Sofia Rizo

Blog By Sherry Violette, Edgemont Village Jeweller

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