Westland Insurance Group

Westland Insurance provides Home, Auto, Business and Travel Insurance to British Columbians. Westland was founded in 1980 and is BC owned and operated. Today, Westland is one of the largest community based insurance brokers in BC and provides insurance services to over 200,000 clients through its 26 offices.

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  • Membership Type:Full Member
  • Hours of Operation:Mon - Fri: 8:30AM - 7PM
    Sat: 9AM - 6PM
    Sun: 10AM - 5PM
  • Address:3066 Edgemont Boulevard
    North Vancouver, BC V7R 2N4
  • Phone:604.985.7404
  • Web :vancouver-insurance.com
  • Email:edgemont@westlandinsurance.ca
  • Member Since:2008
  • Events Sponsored:Village Merchant Social
    Evenings in Edgemont Concert Series
    Show & Shine Car Show
    Movie Night in the Village
    Halloween Trick-or-Treat
    Christmas Lighting of the Village