Highlands Preschool — A Happy Place to Be!

Highlands Preschool — A Happy Place to Be!

Providing outstanding early learning since 1964, Highlands Preschool has been educating local children for over 50 years.

Highlands Preschool provides a unique, quality early learning experience for 2-5 year olds. Our curriculum philosophy encourages children to be actively involved in their own learning through play. Highlands students “learn by doing”, often working with hands-on, open ended materials and carrying out projects of their own choosing, supported by highly qualified teachers.

Highlands’ approach encompasses all aspects of child development and places focus on fostering early skills in language, listening and literacy taught throughout the whole curriculum. Our children build a strong foundation in problem solving and sustained thinking, leading to future academic and social success.

At Highlands Preschool we work together with parents to support our children through their early years, extending their emotional, social, academic, physical skills and abilities.

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