Exciting Jewellery Art Show on display at Edgemont Village Jeweller

~Jewellery Art Show on display at Edgemont Village Jeweller~

The body of work for the Jewellery show is inspired by writer George RR Martin, as fan art to celebrate the new season launch of Game of Thrones. This is a crazy creative line of jewellery displayed in a wild world window. It is a truly creative local collaboration.

One ½ of the window is the winter tree – with pieces that represent House Stark, the Nightwatch and the Wildlings, the other ½ of the window is the summer tree representing Lannister, Tyrrell, Baratheon, Targaryen and the Dothraki people. These are all different clans from the fantasy novel series Game of Thrones. The designers and metalsmiths are all employees of Edgemont Village Jeweller; Caitlin Bilton, Meaghan McRae, Tamara Moerike and Sofia Rizo. This Jewellery Art Show will be featured in our window at the store until April 30, the pieces are fan art and for display only, not for sale.

Drop by for a look at this truly amazing collection of creative jewellry!